How To Manage RSVP Cards Like a Pro

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How To Manage RSVP Cards Like a Pro


You finally sent out those gorgeous invitations. Beautifully designed and packaged. Envelopes sealed and stamped. You hand delivered them to the post office and away they went! Whew! What a relief! Now the waiting game. Waiting for those RSVP cards to arrive back to you in the mail. In case you haven’t already figured this out, organization is KEY. It’s key to surviving wedding planning in general. There will be hiccups along the way but the more organized you are the easier it will be to put the fires out. Trust me!

So let’s talk about these RSVP cards. Here is a list of things that will cause you to have a migraine:

Common Problems

  1. RSVP card sent back without a name or ineligible handwriting.
  2. Someone sent back the RSVP card from a different address than you have listed for that guest.
  3. The name is legible but no entree is selected.
  4. Someone has indicated on the RSVP card more people are coming than were invited.
  5. Guest(s) did NOT send back the RSVP card at all.

There are probably a million different scenarios of things that can happen that were unexpected. For example, I received two RSVP cards with guests who had the same name from different addresses than I had initially sent them to. Talk about confusing! haha


How To Manage RSVP Cards Like a Pro


So, how do you make this process less confusing and less likely to cause a migraine? Well, I can’t guarantee this will be a headache free process but I will tell you how you can manage your RSVP cards like a boss.


First and foremost you MUST have some sort of document, such as excel, with a full list of every single person invited to the wedding. This is your guide to sanity. It should include their name and address. You should already have something like this from sending out the invitations.

Second, as you receive RSVP cards immediately record the response in your excel spreadsheet. You can do this in a variety of ways depending on how well versed you are in excel. I kept things simple. I added the following additional columns: RSVP Y/N, Number Attending, Beef, Chicken, Salmon, Vegetarian and Guest Name. Since, I am a very visual person I also highlighted each row yellow (Yes they are coming) or red (No they declined). For each RSVP that I received I followed these steps:


  1. Highlight the entire row yellow and mark “Y” in the “RSVP” column.
  2. Add how many people in the party in the “Number Attending” column.
  3. Add the number of entrees in the appropriate column (i.e. 1 in the beef column and 1 in the chicken)
  4. If that person is bringing a guest, add the guest’s name in the “guest name” column.
  5. Place a checkmark somewhere on the actual RSVP card. I placed a checkmark in the top right corner. This is your indication that you have accounted for that RSVP card.


  1. Highlight the entire row red and mark “N” in the “RSVP” column.
  2. Add “0” in the “Number Attending” column
  3. Place a checkmark on the RSVP card in your chosen location.


How to Manage RSVP Cards Like a Pro


Don’t forget to sum up the total at the bottom of the spreadsheet for each of the columns below.


-Number Attending

-Each entree choice (i.e. Beef, Chicken…ect.)


Manage RSVP Cards Like a Pro


Pros to Following These Steps…

-You already have your total guests and plate numbers accounted for in ONE place. This is a huge help when you have to give your final numbers to your venue. Don’t forget to include you and your fiance! It’s super easy to completely forget that you have to include yourselves in your final count! haha

Oh. And your venders. They need to eat too.

How To Manage RSVP Cards Like a Pro


You will totally manage your  RSVP cards like a pro if you follow these steps! It saved me a ton of hassle and I knew exactly what info was missing and who I still needed responses from. Very handy!


Let me know your tips and tricks! I’d love to hear them!




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